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Amid all those travel groups promising you exciting trips in the Himalayas, we at Go Ladakh Zanskar stand apart as a group of skilled guides who are committed to create unforgettable, quality adventure trips with utmost focus on the natural beauty of the mountains and rivers across Ladakh and Zanskar. The Himalayas have been blessed with a supreme range of mountains aptly suitable for trekking up its steep slopes and those rushing rivers which give a whole new dimension to white water rafting in India. Add to this, camping at breath taking locations, often with a mountain cliff or little streams of a river as a back drop! These treks and rafting expeditions are graded according to difficulty level and number of days taken to cover them. Thus whatever be your experience and requirements, we would always have a suitable adventure ready for you.


Ladakh is one place which is considered as a heaven by those who search places to gain the thrill of adventure. Apart from trekking in Ladakh one can also indulge in other adventure activities such as mountain climbing and Cultural tour, Buddhist sector tour, biking, safaris, water rafting etc. Also suavely called as the 'Land of Passes', the region forms the magnificent part of the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Ladakh is situated an altitude ranging between 2750 - 7672 meters, above sea level. The place is blessed with an amazing topography that comprises of hilly terrain, rocky cliffs, lush green grasslands and high altitude peaks. It offers a number of trekking tours for travellers and is one of main the reason that adventure fanatics from across the globe head to Ladakh.


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TREKKING IN - LADAKH Zanskar - Markha- Nubra - Changthang Best Season : May to October
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Winter Chadar TrekThe route follows frozen Zanskar river, and so it is "open" only during the winter months when the thick ice covering the river makes the walk possible.

Other Services we offer

Zanskar Valley Culture Tour

Cultural Tour

5/5 ( 20 Ratting )


Ladakhi culture is similar to Tibetan culture. Ladakhi food has much in common with Tibetan food, the most prominent foods being thukpa (noodle soup) and tsampa, known in Ladakhi as ngampe (roasted barley flour).The most popular sport in Ladakh now is ice hockey, which is played only on natural ice in January. Archery is a traditional sport in Ladakh, and many villages still hold archery festivals, which are as much about traditional dancing. View Details

We organize special group to Zanskar valley. Which involves staying in local house, attenting Marriage ceremony.

Stok Khangri Expeditions


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the most popular are Stok Kangri, Kang Yatse, Mentok Kangri, Chamsher & Lingser Kangri. Most of these peaks you requires no special mountaineering skills. However you need to be a good trekker and must be fully acclimatized for these climbs. Some of the peaks give you a real opportunity to climb an above 6000m mountain within a week or more, which is not possible in any other part of the world.
View Details

We provide all the necessary World class Saftey equipment and Well Experienced summit guides with knowledge amazing as Himalaya.

Rafting in Ladakh

White Water Rafting

3/5 ( 20 Ratting )


Zanskar River, a remote Himalayan tributary of the Indus harbors one of the most spectacular navigable gorges in the world. Hailed as the " Grand Canyon of the Himalaya " a journey down the Zanskar features an excursion through a geologic paradise, submersion into a culture (Zanskari) virtually unknown throughout the contemporary world and a thrilling whitewater adventure. View Details

For Rafting Experience one can thrill by Daily Departure rafting and also can book 5 to 10 days Rafting Expeditions with all the facilties, guide, cook, tents, and safety equipments.


Wildlife Trek

3/5 ( 20 Ratting )


Beside Snow Leopard there is always a good chance of spotting many other famous and rare animals like "Nyan" or "Tinetan Argali",(Ovis ammon); Himalayan blue sheep, called "Bharal" or "Napo", (Pseudois n andayaur); Uriel, locally called "Shapo" (Ovis orientalis), Asiatic ibex Skin(Capra sibirica), and among the predators are Red Fox, Tibetan Wolf, Lynx, Pallas Cat, and many others. View Details

Mostly Seen in Rumbak valley. For bird watchers, it's a dream destination. Besides Golden Eagle, Lammergeier vulture and the Himalayan Griffon vulture, the park is home to Brown Accentor, Robin Accentor,

biking in ladakh

Motor Biking Voyage

4/5 ( 20 Ratting )


Ladakh is like a paradise for Mountain bikers. Either you can bike down the highest motorable road in the world Khardungla Pass (5606m) or you can explore the scintillating shores of Pangong Lake. Biking in Ladakh takes you through to the moonland like plateaus of Ladakh there sometimes you might have a chance to race with the Kyangs (Wild Ass), or there is always an opportunity to bike along the Zanskar & Indus River exploring the cultures, lifestyles and the ancient Buddhist monasteris. View Details

Location : Nurba , Zanskar and Changthang Valley

zankar jeep safari

Jeep Safari

5/5 ( 20 Ratting )


Jeep safari is the easiest, fastest and most comfortable way to explore Ladakh that can cover the most notable and exciting places in one tour and also presents an opportunity to interact with the Ladakhi people. Though the roads are rough, exploring the remote regions of Ladakh on jeep is one of the most popular adventure activities of Ladakh because of the panoramic surroundings and pretty landscapes that can enchant nature lovers with their picture-perfect beauty. The most preferred and yet the toughest jeep safari destinations in Ladakh are Tsmori-Ri, Nubra and Dah Hanu. View Details

Nurba , Zanskar and Changthang Valley