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About Us

Tibet Trail Adventure company was established in the year 2006 and now is one of the leading travel companies responsible for marketing Ladakh worldwide and India as well, thereby contributing in a positive way in developing economy of Ladakh. In order to ensure that Ladakh is marketed in an inspirational and relevant way we have been working vigorously with our partners both in India and overseas. We offering custom-made tour packages of India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet at competitive prices and have established ourselves as a travel company with interesting inbound and outbound tour itineraries. We believe in protecting the character of the destination we work on i.e. preserving the different cultures and traditions around us which inspires us to remain passionate about travelling and helping others to experience the destinations that we treasure. Protecting the natural environment through the promotion and support of various conservation efforts is also our priority. One of the initiatives of Overland in this field is the annual garbage cleaning trek which is held every year around September. Training and employing local personnel is what we believe in, thus enhancing the dimension of your visit and supporting the economy of the local communities.

Why Travel with Us ?

There are several tour operators who offer travel to the Indian Himalayas. Why should you book your trip with us? First of all, we have over 13 years of personal experience in the tour business. We are based in Ladakh and also maintain a corresponding office in Delhi.
1. Since we are a local ladakhi agent, we can help you eliminate two "middle men." You-›LOCAL AGENT BASED IN DELHI (US)= Lower cost More personal service We always offer the same high quality of service whether you come to us through our valued overseas agents, Delhi agents, or directly. But if you book directly with us, you can save some cost and minimize any potential communication errors that can occur when too many people are involved in arranging a tour.
2. If you book through us, you will also benefit the local Himalayan people directly. All the services and manpower we use are strictly locally based. That means local guides, horse men, porters, homes, hotels, village vegetable vendors, provision vendors, and taxi drivers, to name a few. Your business then directly and indirectly flows to all the local families of the people who are involved in your tour. Ladakh's tourist season is dream-like short. The income that is earned during this time is all that most villagers will have to sustain them through the harsh 4-5 months of winter.
3. We give all of our valued customers as transparent and clear a picture as possible of the services that we will provide prior to contract. We ask that you specify in detail the requirements and expectations you have for the tour. We encourage open and frequent communication with us to clarify what you really want. We then do our best to meet or exceed these expectations and also to rectify, on-the-spot, any unforeseen problems should they occur. In the unlikely event we are unable to provide any services that were agreed upon in the contract, we make refunds before your departure.
4. Last but not least, we emphasize that if you want to visit the Himalayas, spend time with Himalayans. Deal with Himalayans. Work with Himalayans. You will emerge from your trip with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the area. Let us show you what we are taught by our culture: "The Guest is next to God!"

Tibet trail company Belives in Building your Trust